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PHOTOGRAPHY: Color Studies - Pink by Carissa Gallo

Color Studies: Pink is a stunning photography series by Portland-based photographer Carissa Gallo, aiming to document her recent obsession with a multitude of muted colors.

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canadians stop commenting on posts like you aint fuckin kill ya native population

brits stop commenting on posts like you aint colonize and enslave like 90% of the globe bc this shit is essentially your fault if you wanna be fuckin real


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Love atmosphere

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EDC by HalfBlack.

Compton, CA


Salma Hayek in From Dusk ‘Till Dawn

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I’ll say this. Nicki Minaj is a genius. No- not that kind of genius. Not the kind of genius that Kanye thinks he is. No, she’s a genius in marketing and understanding what sells. She knows that the talent she has, and she does possess some talent in terms of articulation and rhythm, aren’t enough to attain the kind of success she strives for. She knows that catchy sampled snippets and gif-ready poses and videos are what sells. She understands the psychology of the average consumer and she manipulates and controls them with utter absolution. She’s not out there to be an artist- she’s out there to make money and make a name for herself. And if the road to her goal is through infamy, then so be it; she knows the price of infamy and is willing to pay it. So even if I don’t really like her music or her as a person, I respect her ability to commit to an image and use her most marketable aspects effectively. 

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BTS of my motelrocks shoot! Read about it here:

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Mortality is a myth, Ted Lawson

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